Foot Fetish - Peppermint Pedicure Spa Soap

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Our signature, the original Foot Fetish, a lavish Shea Butter Soap with the mintiest of Essential Oils, and a Loofah Sponge embedded inside to exfoliate. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand to work on rough heels. This is one of our best sellers at our shows.

Customer Reviews (4)

Wonderful for you feet!!

The foot fetish comes in attractive packaging, and it smells wonderful. It has really helped my rough cracked heals. I will buy again and again! Donna Burkhart

Fast becoming another staple at our house:)

Such a fun and crazy idea but the perfect foot care product! Lasts a lot longer than I expected. One of my New just can't live without bath products:) Tameria Payne

Love this product!!

Absolutely love this. Giving to all my clients for Christmas this year! My feet can't go without it! Rita

My feet couldn't be happier

I seriously could not live without this. Allison
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