Frost - Cold & Flu Spa Salts

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Got the blues? Give those stuffy, yucky aches the cold shoulder with our Frost Spa Salts.

Our very own blend of Dead Sea Salts, rich in over 30 minerals; Vitamin C - To reduce the effects of the common cold, high in antioxidants; Lemon Essential Oil - Boosts the immune system and reduces inflammation; Bergamot Essential Oil - Uplifting and Energizing; Eucalyptus Essential Oil - Boosts the immune system, relieves sore muscles; Tea Tree Essential Oil - A natural antiseptic, also boosts the immune system; Ground Organic Rosehips - Packed with Vitamin C as well as A, D, and E; Ground Organic Hibiscus flower - High in antioxidants; Ground Organic Echinacea Root - Strengthens the immune system; Ground Organic Ginseng Root - Energizes the body.


Sold in 1.5lb  Packages


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